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Geoff is the co-founder of Stealth Seminar and the founder of Webinar Prosperity Blueprint. He was also the creator of the top internet resource for operating and marketing successful hypnosis businesses. With his desire to automate his webinars, he found out that there was nothing available which did that adequately, so he built one.

Before all this, Geoff’s profession was a stage hypnotist/entertainer for multiple decades. Being genuinely successful at it, he taught people to be one like him.

On today’s episode, Geoff will share the story of the Stealth Seminar, also, he will give us tips on how to effectively deliver webinars to get your customers engaged.

“ You should never be as high as your last victory or as low as your last defeat. ” – Geoff Ronning

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • Geoff’s recent foot surgery & Adil’s knee surgery experience
  • Quick discussion on Lomachenko vs Salido’s boxing fight
  • How did Stealth Seminar achieve success
  • The major lessons Geoff learned from his mentor on balancing business and people
  • Geoff’s profession as a Stage Hypnotist
  • How he applied his profession to webinars
  • The effective ways to apply webinars to your business
  • The top 3 mistakes made in delivering webinars
  • Which is more effective: webinars for teaching or webinars for influence?
  • The importance of spontaneity
  • His three book recommendations
  • The approach he used to get back up from crisis
  • His three tips to struggling, plateauing, or not scaling business owners

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