An A-List copywriter and a teacher, David Garfinkel helps individuals and groups make their advertising more effective. He has helped copywriters and businesses in more than 100 industries increase profits. He published a book called Breakthrough Copywriting which is a #1 Bestseller on Amazon. He has also created and published the first widely used set of Copywriting Templates.

Since 1993, he wrote sales letters that have brought in as much as $40 million to one business. At present, his main client work is coaching professional copywriters, business owners, and in-house copywriters for organizations.

On today’s episode, we will learn from David’s journey how he started out from selling $20 audio tapes to being one of the most recognisable figures in copywriting. He will discuss with us how to boost one’s mind with creative ideas through books and the some key points in dealing with the market nowadays.

“The best ideas in the world, the best ideas in business, the best ideas in marketing, and the best ideas in copywriting, usually come from a problem somebody couldn’t solve and then you come up with a solution.” – David Garfinkel

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • David’s journey from  being a journalist to a successful copywriter/teacher
  • His famous Podcast and how he comes up with topics
  • The Importance of the “approach” in attracting audiences
  • Content Strategy ideas
  • How the book Scientific Advertising became his guide
  • Dealing with markets in a different perspective
  • How “emotion” affects customers
  • The different spots and Situations where Ideas are formed
  • His hilarious dream to be a sit-down comedian
  • His struggles in his journey as a copywriter and how he managed it
  • The influence of book reading in forming creative ideas
  • David’s 3 pieces of advice

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