Dan Clark is the techie guy who sent TWELVE emails to Brain.fm to get a tech job because he was a fan. What’s more amusing is he worked for free for the first month. Brain.fm has every beat, note, and tone in their music work together to help people get and stay in flow. They have a Science First Promise where their music is designed with the human brain in mind, always running experiments to figure out what works.

A developer by trade, he gets out of the bed every morning to accomplish his mission, and that is to help people redefine their relationship with sound, grow business, and spread their masterpiece. Three years later from the time he was a fanboy and worked free, he became the CEO of Brain.fm.

On today’s episode, Dan conveys how he became the CEO of Brain.fm. Passion to purpose, discover what made him in love with technology and how he used it to build and grow businesses. He also shares the benefits of using brain.fm AND lets us in on some exciting projects they are working on.


“There’s always a way to look at every situation. There is positive and negative. It’s the one you feed that is the stronger one.” – Dan Clark

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • The biggest takeaways he got from working free in Brain.fm to becoming the CEO
  • How he utilizes technology to build businesses and grow companies
  • Science first: Brain.fm’s process of testing their apps
  • The update on their goal to tailor a music app or program for people who have ADHD
  • What binaural beats and isochronic tones are
  • The health benefits of using Brain.fm
  • Is our brain responsible for constant distractions?
  • Dan’s five audiobook and movie suggestions
  • The value of feeding your positive outlook

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