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Ladies and Gentlemen… Curt Maly just got out of the “Facebook jail” where he had been for 14 months, this also happens to line up to the time that he has been clean and sober. Join me in welcoming and congratulating Curt.

On a more serious note, today we are going to cover how Curt got started. His history from working for both Microsoft AND Apple, at the same time! (Microsoft in the morning and Apple at night)

On today’s episode, Curt reveals the math and facts of running ads. He reveals the secret sauce to his marketing strategy and how he built up his social media credibility. And lastly, he shares how to engineer and establish strong customer engagement with Facebook.

“Stop spending money on Ferraris and drinking.” – Curt Maly

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • How Curt got into social media marketing
  • How he strengthened his social media credibility (referral)
  • The math and facts of running ads – TOF, MOF. BOF
  • What happens to silly marketers when running ads
  • The secret sauce to Curt’s marketing strategy via retargeting funnels
  • Why you should take ALGORITHM seriously
  • How Facebook helps your prospects get engaged despite short attention span
  • The magic of infomercials and Facebook videos
  • Curt’s book & movie recommendations
  • His pieces of advice to get your confidence back and protect it
  • His words of encouragement to people who are doing really well and don’t want to lose it or have been successful but crashed and wanted to redeem themselves

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