Welcome back to Adil Amarsi Unplugged. Our guest on the show today is Bob Burg, author, speaker and expert on how to succeed in today’s business world. Known worldwide for his knowledge in sales, business development, success, marketing, and positive persuasion.

He is the bestselling author of one of my favorite books, The Go-Giver: A Little Story About a Powerful Business Idea – which has sold over half a million copies.



Bob and I dig into some of the topics from the book and I highly recommend listening in to learn strategies that will change the way you do your business..

These are some of the topics we talked about in this episode of Adil Amarsi Unplugged:

  • How did The Go-Giver came about
  • How to sell more with storytelling
  • Truly understanding the definition of value and it’s powerful impact in your business
  • Why the value must always be your focus
  • Understanding the difference between influence through manipulation and influence through persuasion
  • What got him back up when he was going through the time of hardships
  • And much more


Resources Mentioned: