Today we’re speaking to my friend Colin Theriot, one of the world’s top copywriters, public speaker and the leader of the Facebook group called “The Cult of Copy” which has grown organically to over 30,000 members as of writing.

In this episode, Colin shares his copywriting wisdom to create killer sales copy, copywriting techniques, and tips on how to tap into your audience brain to get them beyond the buy button.

These are some of the topics we talked about in this episode of Adil Amarsi Unplugged:

  • Bullet point strategy that makes your product an ultimate solution to people’s problem
  • How to agitate the problem and stir it up so it hurts to the point of discomfort
  • Creating domino connections to follow through from their first spark of pain to the sale
  • Pre-selling content before action comes out
  • Killer tips to connect with your audience, build rapport and deepen engagement
  • Good tricks to create flawless content and make people read it even if it doesn’t appeal to them
  • Content marketing lessons your business can learn from Marvel’s superhero movies and world of comic books
  • And much more

Resources Mentioned:

Connect with Colin:
Colin’s Website
Facebook Group – Copywriting For Advanced
Facebook Group – Copywriting For Beginners