The couple met way back in 2009. Cliff was working in finance while Marta was working in a corporate recruitment. Twist of fate happened; they both left their respective careers and signed up to a personal training qualification… that’s how they met. Unlike the usual couples, they did not start out with a fancy date. They just had that special connection the moment they started talking.

And now, Cliff and Marta, a happily-married couple, are transforming lives with their 28-Day Breakthrough Programme.

On today’s episode, Cliff & Marta will share their personal struggles and how it urged them to shift to helping transform people. Also, they will be giving constructive pieces of advice to people who are struggling in different aspects of life.

“It’s all about perception. What’s big for someone else is tiny for someone else. Normalizing things is questioning perceptions.” – Cliff

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • Their Journey from their Struggling Lives to Transforming People’s Lives
  • The Love Story of Cliff & Marta
  • Cliff’s Back Story on His Health – Physical & Physiological
  • Marta’s Struggle in Dealing with Emotions & Making Choices
  • The Normalization Concept & Its Daily Aspects
  • The Significance of Focusing on You as You Find Your Life’s Balance
  • Their Individual Hobbies
  • Their Book Recommendations
  • How To Build Your Confidence Back
  • Their Three Pieces of Advice To People Who Are Struggling

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