Chris Richards is another legend on board — a badass and the well-known “The Hypno-Coach”. He is a skilled psychology coach and hypnotherapist whose goal is helping people achieve a clear new direction, with the specific strategy to get you there. Furthermore, he aims to remove that ONE thing that’s causing resistance to your consistency, confidence, and personal growth.

On today’s episode, Chris throws us a LOT of knowledge bombs when it comes to CONSISTENCY, CONFIDENCE, and PERSONAL GROWTH. He shares how he fought his depression and how you can survive it too. And lastly, he reveals why some entrepreneurs have addictive behaviors.

“Rule #1 is always SELF-AWARENESS.” – Chris Richards

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • Why he loves working with SMART people
  • How entrepreneurs can overcome DISSATISFACTION
  • Why we lose focus and get bored easily
  • How to be CONSISTENT in what you do
  • Why growing up in a narcissistic and destructive environment makes you THICK-SKINNED!
  • How to battle your emotional weaknesses
  • What CHALLENGE ADDICTION is and how to overcome it
  • This is why some people want something to prove
  • His book and movie recommendations
  • Addictive behavior of entrepreneurs with parental issues
  • His take on depression and how he dealt with it and helped people fight it

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