For nearly two decades, she was a Fortune 100 and Fortune 200 Senior Corporate Trial Attorney. Now, she makes the case on behalf of your business and career dreams – happiness too. She worked with over 10,000 clients, witnesses and experts, for over 25,000 collective hours, teaching them to speak confidently and ethically to share their message and facts. She is also an Organization Development Consultant, Business Strategist, Entrepreneur, Livestreamer, Speaker and Certified Professional Coach.

Carolyn has transitioned from a highly successful two-decade attorney career trying jury trials, with both Fortune 100 and Fortune 200 companies (including managing and winning a national company award) to now show host, entrepreneur and CLO (Chief Life Officer) of Boomtank. She is still an attorney (you keep the full designation once you’ve been licensed), but made the beautiful leap to moving beyond the practice of law.

She’s passionate about helping women free their mind, unleash their spirit and build a life they love – and LOVE is the operative word (in every possible way).

On today’s episode, Carolyn shares her passion to help people achieve personal success. She’ll give clarity on how you can redesign your life to get your momentum ball rolling.

“Playing small never makes someone else larger, it only makes you small.” – Carolyn Cole

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • How she transitioned from being a successful Attorney to being Entrepreneur
  • How does a Certified Professional Coach work
  • The rules of a Warrior
  • The POWERFUL ‘female Eagle’
  • The power of connection
  • The next level of greatness, How to get visible on top of the business
  • The value of pricing
  • That one story from the courtroom, every attorney has one
  • Why she left the corporate job
  • Some advice to get back on track in moments of crisis of confidence
  • Her greatest growth as an Entrepreneur

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