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An average person who lacks determination never runs out of excuses for not living a healthy lifestyle — going to the gym and eating healthy. And that’s why I think it’s brilliant how people with mental illness are dealing with both that and their physical health. Carly Jennings, a personal fitness trainer with Type 2 bipolar, can definitely relate. She runs a Facebook page, A Wiggly Girl, which aims to help people with mental health issues create habits that encourage living as stable and as happy a life as possible.

On today’s episode, Carly shares her journey in fitness and dealing with her mental illness. She reveals a healthy approach to losing weight regardless of body type. And lastly, the food you should start eating to level up your health and fitness.


“Health trumps anything.” – Carly Jennings

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • How to cope up when you’re in a manic episode
  • How mental health has affected Carly’s physical workout
  • Tips on how to lose weight for women with the endomorphic body type
  • The HEALTHY approach to weight loss
  • How to spice up a boring but healthy food
  • The food that guys should start eating & workout they should do to increase testosterone
  • Her book recommendations
  • Sage words to people who are in a low state

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