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Podcast: Building A Million Dollar Online Business with Mikael Dia

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I am talking to some Toronto brethren in the Online Business land today. I am talking to Mikael Dia, a Funnel Specialist, Digital Marketing Strategist, Business Consultant, and Founder of White Coat Digital.

In this episode Mikael Dia and I discuss:

  • How your confidence with your idea, your track record  and your team can make you close an investor
  • How having a clear goal will make you find a way to get to your destination
  • The thing that most startup entrepreneurs don’t understand about failure
  • Pushing yourself to go further till you find your breaking point
  • Amazing and influential books for entrepreneurs
  • Mikael’s Three-Piece of Advice to get you to the next level
  • And so much more


From six months of working as an engineer to building a million dollar online business, Mikael explains how he got caught up to the idea of working behind the computer and how he started learning, building and growing online businesses.

Plus, we are going over some influential books and remarkable stories of people that will inspire you to fight your way through hordes of disappointment.

Resources Mentioned on the podcast:


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