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Brian Grasso and Carrie Campbell of Brian & Carrie — In the Morning believe the key to living the life of your dreams is getting out of your own way. Through their online show and personal website, the husband-and-wife duo — a former athletic-performance coach and licensed counsellor, respectively — are empowering their clients to “eliminate their limits” and leading a community of change-makers to improve their health, wealth, and happiness.

Carrie Campbell is a clinical counsellor, personal trainer, and devoted mother of two. Her husband, Brian Grasso, is a performance coach whose clients include Olympic gold medallist.

Today, we will learn more about how their limit-busting mindset can help us all break through barriers in our personal goal-setting. They will share what “eliminate their limits” means to them.

“Simplicity plus consistency is what will get you wherever you’re going.” Brian & Carrie

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • Brian’s performance coaching story started
  • The day Brian and Carrie met – “greatest love story ever told!”
  • How not to deal with regrets in personal/love life and in business
  • What’s the number 1 regret based from a case study research
  • The simplicity formula in life
  • The core concept of 4 A’s
  • Embracing the moment
  • What do you physically and mentally do when fear and excitement hits
  • How to embrace fear in business
  • Count your wins – Respond, Receive, and React
  • How to create an effective plan
  • What does your unconscious mind tells you
  • The language that we speak to ourselves can make a big difference
  • Reprogramming your unconscious mind
  • What works for you doesn’t work for the others
  • Minding the gap can make it more realistic
  • The questions we should ask ourselves to build back confidence in business
  • It’s all about progress not perfection
  • Moving from being stuck to sustainable
  • The power of mindset in our daily lives and in business
  • And so much More…

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