Brad Gosse has been one of the OG’s in the online world since 1997. His humble background sprang from his experience in the website called the Adult Entertainment Space. He did software and info products a few years after, making him more competent. While online marketing, he used a lot of cartoons in his book and sales. He hired a cartoonist for the designs which led to a folder full of vector cartoons stored in his computer. Being a serial entrepreneur that he is, he made a catalogue of images which earned him a huge amount of profit by selling them online.

And that’s how the Vector Toons happened — 100% exclusive and original vector-based art.

And just a little trivia, this guy just held the top search engine result positions for the word “porn” in GOOGLE for 18 months straight.

On today’s episode, Brad shares his serial entrepreneurial journey from working in an adult website to owning Vector Toons. Also, he tells the current trends in the online marketing business. Lastly, he gives away the relationship and habits one has to BREAK in order to be successful.

“Be willing to do what you haven’t done before and be willing to make changes.” – Brad Gosse

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • How Brad came up with the idea of VECTOR TOONS
  • His success habits in the morning
  • What brings him back in the flow after being out of it
  • How to deal with stressful clients
  • The current trends in online marketing business and coaching business
  • His book and movie recommendations
  • The importance of understanding how your brain works and habits
  • His advice on bouncing back from a down period in life and business
  • The relationships you have to change and habits to break to be successful

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