Podcast: On the Rich Legacy of Gary Halbert With Bond Halbert

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Bond Halbert

This time I speak to Bond Halbert who continues the legacy of his late father and a copywriting legend Gary Halbert.

Here’re just a handful of topics Bond and I discuss:

  • The best resources from the legendary copywriter Gary Halbert and where to find them
  • A clever psychological trick of one of the most successful sales letters in history that most experts couldn’t figure out
  • Where the real talent in copywriting is and what are things you’ve been taught and need to unlearn to take your copywriting skills to the next level
  • Almost forgotten recruitment strategy to attract the cream of the crop employees to your business
  • How Bond got a double-digit CTR with Google Ads applying his father’s timeless marketing principles
  • One trait that made Gary Halbert’s copy so successful and you should hone as well (if you want your copy to stand out)
  • If Gary Halbert were to start today, how would he do it?
  • And much more

Resources mentioned in this podcast:


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