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Being a coach for more than 2 decades, you may think that Beth always had it together. She had a great marriage, a successful business and travelled around the world. But what people did not see was that Beth did NOT in fact have it all together. 

She was so busy chasing success that she forgot to take care of herself. Countless mornings she woke up feeling groggy and tired until she realised that she needed to do something.

After taking a step back and focusing on self-care, she realized that in order to rise and achieve your goals, you need to focus on your inner work. Once she applied this to her own life, she began to see better results like never before. She hopes for her clients to experience the same transformation. 

In this episode, Beth talks about the importance of focusing on your inner work and that by doing so, you will be able to overcome your hardships in life. She shows to us that it’s all about building small habits and taking small steps to become a better version of yourself.

“Gratitude is the emotion that shifts us into a place of being able to create abundance in our life.” — Beth Perry

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • The importance of inner work as a catalyst for growth
  • How to overcome demotivation
  • Life lessons from boxing as a sport and facing your fears
  • Building self trust to reach your goals
  • The 3 types of goals to set for yourself everyday
  • Beth’s movie and book recommendations
  • Beth’s 3-day challenge for her clients
  • What Beth did when she reached rock bottom

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