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Podcast: Bernadette Schwerdt

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Finding copywriters who have reached the 20-year mark happens once in a blue moon. Bernadette Schwerdt discovered copywriting 25 years ago and has made a successful career out of it since. 


Bernadette has quite the unique background as she has ventured into the worlds of business, the arts, education, and training. This has made her well-rounded and hard to beat in the industry. She also owns  Australian School of Copywriting to help those who want to write for a living.


Today, Bernadette talks about her 25-year stint as a copywriter who has experienced both the analogue and digital world of copywriting. She emphasises going back to the basics and what to do as a copywriter when nothing works out and you’re faced with deadlines. 


“I find the worlds of acting and copywriting to be incredibly connected” — Bernadette Schwerdt


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