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Podcast: Benton Crane – CEO of Harmon Bros.

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Today’s guest has been the man behind some of the most viral ads of the last decade. Ads like Squatty Potty, Purple, Chatbooks to name a few, His name is Benton Crane.

He started his career in data analytics. Labelled himself as really nerdy, he worked as a service statistician/econometrician in intelligence agencies. A door just opened when Harmon Brothers pioneered YouTube advertising and finished a project with Aura Brushed and needed a data geek

As CEO of Harmon Brothers, the Provo, Utah-based ad agency behind the most viral ads in internet history, he had the opportunity to manage the incredible team behind ads that have collectively driven more than 1 billion views, over $300 million in sales, and revolutionized the way products are marketed.

On today’s episode, Benton shares the MASSIVE trends in social media today from a CEO’s perspective. As he lists down the steps to position your brand in front of legends such as Apple and Amazon, discover how to secure funding for your ad campaigns, select your sales engineers, and more…


“All of the different steps and all of the different efforts that you have to take to become a brand can be driven by that economic engine. And you know, 99 out of a hundred times that economic engine simply means SALES.” – Benton Crane

Some of the topics we discussed include:

  • Benton’s jump to ADVERTISING
  • The BIGGEST trend in social media today
  • What the future of Branded Advertising is
  • The three steps to get in front of the wave of brands and entertainment
  • Ways to secure the FUNDING for your ads
  • How much to SPEND for your FIRST guerilla type campaign
  • The hack to figuring out the BEST sales engineers
  • How storytelling or copywriting benefitted Benton and Harmon Brothers
  • Harmon Brothers’ process of finding STORIES to tell
  • His reading list and movie recommendations
  • Does the medium of how advertising is delivered greatly impacts the messaging conversion?
  • The BEST place to hone your craft as writers, comedians, or film makers and make a great living

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