Ben Cardall is a fascinating man, some have likened him to a modern-day Sherlock Holmes, this is down to the ability he has to read people quite accurately and quickly.

This led to him practicing Magic but that practice was halted before it really took off due to Ben having some issues with the nerves in his left hand. Not one to be defeated so easily, Ben decided to leverage his skill of accurately reading people and become a Mind Reader.

After seeing how the skill of reading people can be useful to anyone who uses it, Ben decided to start teaching people “How to read minds”. I mean this dude has made it his business to know what other people don’t and often couldn’t know.

Let’s call him the Mentalist.

On today’s episode, Ben dives into the power of mind reading and mentalism. Also, he shares his journey from doing magic to becoming the modern day Sherlock Holmes.

As the cherry on top of today’s episode mental cake, Ben will also tell you the reads to look out for that will help you determine if someone is lying to you.


“Sarcasm is still wit and a beautiful comedic outlook to have in life.” – Ben Cardall

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • What fascinated Ben to pursue mind reading
  • Milton Erickson and The Laws of Human Nature
  • How he turned mind reading into a full-time career
  • How much empathy does he put in his craft
  • Putting barriers versus letting your guards down
  • The practice of lie detection with your kids
  • Stories with your kids that are worth telling
  • The cues to spot if someone is lying
  • Ben’s reading list and movie recommendations
  • The Monographs: a comprehensive manual to become an expert Deductionist

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