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Podcast: Anne and Mark Lackey

By Jun 18, 2021 No Comments

Anne and Mark Lackey are a power couple in both life and business. Together they have co-founded and ran multiple businesses together for 2 decades. In the past 4 years, they were able to generate over 15.7 million dollars from their business HireSmart Virtual Employees.


Today, they own and manage close to forty residential properties in their own portfolio, and manage 225 rentals. Talk about a dynamic duo!


In this episode, get to know how Anne and Mark manage their life as business partners, while still keeping their fire burning as a married couple. They share their experiences in running HireSmart Virtual Employees and talk about the challenges that have made the both of them even stronger.


“I would rather play full out with my heart, putting it all out there and fail than to live my life in half a strategy” – Anne Lackey


Some topics that were discussed include:


  • How Anne and Mark maintain their working relationship as a couple
  • How to keep a relationship fresh
  • How Anne and Mark run HireSmart Virtual Employees
  • Virtual employee hiring process
  • Anne and Mark’s challenges that made them stronger
  • What it’s like working with Filipinos
  • Anne and Mark’s book recommendations
  • What to do when life knocks you down


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