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Podcast: Ani Alexander

By Jan 2, 2018 January 5th, 2018 No Comments

Ani’s business education helped her enjoy a successful corporate career for more than 12 years, but at some point she felt that this job had no taught her all the lessons it could. It allowed here little to no time for her personal life and simple life pleasures.

Perhaps more importantly it killed her dreams. Drumming up the courage to hand in her resignation, she followed through and that was one of the best decisions she made in her life. Now she’s encouraging and helping writers to become authors with the help of her podcast and publishing services.

In today’s episode, Ani will share her experiences in becoming a bestselling author and a Podcaster to specially give advice to starter authors and which path to take in publishing a book.

“We embody what we write, we become what we write about.”

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • Ani’s background and how AI started
  • The story of being a fictional author
  • How did Ani become a Podcaster when she wrote her first novel
  • The idea of running a podcast
  • Difference between publishing a book in traditional route or self publishing in general
  • How to publish a book on Kindle
  • What are the biggest mistake writers make
  • Publishing a book is similar to dating
  • The area for traditional publishers and self publishing authors
  • What would a self publishing author get if the book got noticed
  • The advice when publishing a first book
  • 6 step formula of how to turn your existing content into a non-fiction book
  • Writers have 2 moods – we write much better when depressed
  • Nobody can help you but yourself
  • Getting a new perspective when reading inspirational biographies
  • Allow yourself to procrastinate
  • What to do when you feel STUCK
  • Which route to take first between podcast or publishing to build an audience
  • And so much More…

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