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Podcast: Amy Stefanik

By Dec 28, 2018 January 15th, 2019 No Comments

She had no idea what entrepreneurship was like at first until she met Matt, the entrepreneur husband. Her husband was working in real estate and starting his entrepreneur journey. They jumped in it together and learned how to make money on their own but then the real estate market crashed and they lost everything.

This blow motivated them to keep going and that perseverance led them to rebuild everything and become financially-secure again. It took a lot of courage and hard work — they went to events and met a lot of entrepreneurs and eagerly learned from the pros. When she felt that certain drag and no one understood her journey…

…and thus The Entrepreneur’s Wife was born.

On today’s episode, Amy shares her pivotal transition from being the entrepreneur’s wife to being an entrepreneur herself. She gives away handy tips on surviving stagnation and being vulnerable. And lastly, she points out the value of being surrounded by people on the same wavelength as you.

“The great thing that happens when you’re around a lot of people that are in the same mindset that you’re in, it allows you to lay down the walls you put up around you to protect you and I got to just be this free and be the person I so desired.” – Amy Stefanik

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • How Amy met Matt, the entrepreneur
  • What made her build The Entrepreneur’s Wife
  • Her biggest takeaway from being an entrepreneur’s wife to being an entrepreneur
  • What allows entrepreneur couples to have date nights
  • How they reconciled after their 3 months separation
  • Her book writing process
  • How she drove traffic to her website through Networking
  • What makes her bounce back from stagnation
  • The ONLY book that changed her life
  • How to deal with not figuring out what you want to do next
  • Why being surrounded with people you’re in the same mindset in is constructive
  • Why you should all yourself to be VULNERABLE sometimes
  • Adil and Amy’s special skills and they apply it in their daily life
  • The concept of PREDESTINED FATE and five ways to approach it
  • Her book recommendations
  • How she recuperated from life’s rock bottom
  • Her 3 pieces of advice to the entrepreneur’s wife, the entrepreneur himself, and the struggling entrepreneur couple on business, relationship, and communication

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