Podcast: Alex Charfen on Supercharging Your Business Success

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Alex Charfen

I’m excited to speak to Alex Charfen, a serial entrepreneur, who shares some of his most important findings from his rich business career and a few powerful and actionable strategies that will supercharge your entrepreneurial success.

Here’s just a few of the topics Alex and I discuss:

  • Why almost every successful entrepreneur, including Thomas Edison and Leonardo da Vinci, is inaccurately diagnosed as bi-polar, manic, ADD and/or depressive
  • What is a Money Attracting Equation, how to solve it and what solving the Equation will do for your income
  • Why you should not sell your time, even if you make $10,000 an hour, and how to structure your business to avoid falling into that trap
  • How getting in flow and creating momentum can turn you into a billion dollar performer, and how you can instantly engineer a strong momentum for yourself
  • Two important factors that drag you and your life down and how to break those shackles and move forward
  • What is an Entrepreneurial Personally Type and how can you tell if you qualify for it
  • What are 2 questions a lot of entrepreneurs ask themselves daily but shouldn’t, and what questions to ask yourself instead
  • Why is it so important to write intentions for your day each morning (instead of to-do lists)
  • And much more

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