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Podcast: Al Tepper – Plan your business and brand with this badass

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Al Tepper Founded TepFu, a Disruptive Marketing Agency offering Interim Marketing Strategy & Leadership. He is a LinkedIn, Facebook Live & Social Media Mentor / Coach to Senior Executives & Business Leaders. Plus, Al has multiple side hustles like – a disruptive property development app.

Amazingly, Al is an ex-American Football Coach (OL / RB) at the Hertfordshire Cheetahs. He is an American Football fan – he loves the Cheeseheads / Packers.

On today’s episode, Al points out what it truly means to be a good communicator and telling your story even when you don’t have a voice and how he applies this in his business. 

He’ll tell us his favorite piece of advice about life in honor of his parents.

“When you find your space, the return, the response will come, the conversation will reply, you know the echo will be there and then you’ll know that’s where your home is and where it needs to be online.” – Al Tepper

Some of the topics we discussed include:

  • How Adil and Al met
  • The first thesis prediction at the birth of the internet
  • His two camps analogy and how people fall into it
  • The mindset of poor communication
  • The best way to communicate advice – Sympathy vs Empathy
  • The key fundamentals of attractive Marketing
  • Why selling is the opposite of understanding
  • The start of a great conversation
  • Al’s two takeaway advice in putting yourself out there
  • His first experience in the internet and connectivity
  • How to find your right space online
  • The focus in creating a medium for your content
  • What’s more important than writing
  • “The medium is the message
  • Advice on how to be a better writer
  • The formula on how to figure out a marketplace for someone
  • How to know when you’ve become successful
  • Al’s success journey story in making huge income
  • Where he started off and where to go
  • Storytelling in history
  • Top three biggest mistakes people make in building a digital brand
  • Two disabilities in life and business
  • It’s not where you end up and where you start
  • Book and movies recommendations that impacted his work

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