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Podcast: Adam Lipinski

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Adam left his cushy medical sales job 11 years ago to become a world-class copywriter and has never looked back. He published his first eBook in 2007 and has written several 6 and 7 figure offers. He is the chief copywriter and head of development at Tarot Reading Daily.

Tarot Reading Daily, a biz which Adam (and his partner Crystal Mackay) advertises and markets via copywriting, is the leading website for accurate oracle readings you can trust. Tarot Reading Daily is all about helping you connect with an inner wisdom already inside you that can give you answers so you can finally turn your lemons into lemonade.

On today’s episode, we’ll pick up tips from Adam on how to get better at writing copy. His story of humble beginning in the Industry will teach us that in finding our passion and making an impact will lead us to success. Also, we’ll find out about the self-help tool created with his partners in Tarot reading to help people in a modern society.

“It doesn’t exist on the paper; on the document that you’re typing. It doesn’t even exist on the audio that you’re recording. It exists in your head first and foremost. It is just whatever’s cooking in your brain being delivered and served on the table.” – Adam Lipinski

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • The turning point, what led to choosing to become a Copywriter
  • Boredom was the driver to find FREEDOM
  • The transition of writing for others to running his own business
  • How he started working in Marketing niche
  • The first piece of advice he got in Copywriting
  • The biggest gut punch he experienced in the Industry
  • The full circle journey in Tarot cards
  • The cycle of Success
  • How to genuinely be a Copywriter as a beginner
  • Adam’s process in Copywriting
  • The KEY things to keep in mind and get better in Sales Copy
  • A structure your brain will start to follow
  • “Copy is not written. Copy is assembled.”
  • The 3 types of Writers
  • What is the critical part of the process in writing
  • Drawing the lines before filling in the colors
  • The DO’s and DONT’s in copywriting

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