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Podcast: Accelerate Your Business Growth Process With Chris Evans

By Nov 4, 2016 No Comments

Joining us today is a traffic expert Chris Evans, the co-founder of Traffic And Funnels, where they help client based entrepreneurs to market their offerings systematically and scale their business to 6 figures and beyond.

Chris is a direct response marketing consultant that focuses on results. Chris has specialized in teaching and consulting businesses on how to get more customers via proven ROI driven methodologies that are considered to be cutting edge. This interview is full of nuggets of value, actionable insights and strategies and is well worth listening to.


In this episode of Adil Amarsi Unplugged, Chris and I discuss:

  • What led him to join Taylor Welch in building Traffic And Funnels
  • Containing the damages and accelerating the results using TESLA Method
  • Lessons learned from the UFC from a marketing perspective
  • The trust factor in building an audience who like what you are about and what you do
  • Chris’ ways to deal and overcome setbacks in his life
  • And much more

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Adil Amarsi is a world-class copywriter, marketing consultant, and conversion genius. Having spent the majority of his life in direct response advertising, Adil brings a unique look at business by using his blog as an extension to who he is in real life. Oh and he loves pizza :).

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