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Podcast: Former GKIC Copywriter – Alyson Lex Reveals Evergreen Copywriting Secrets

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Alyson Lex is a fellow badass copywriter. The direct-response marketing thing is what SHE DOES. It’s how she has put food on her family’s table for years – and it’s how she has helped business owners just grow bigger and reach greater heights.

Interesting thing to note about Alyson…

Her first sales letter generated nearly $9,000 in less than 3 days to a very modest email list of less than 250 people.

She is the former marketing manager for Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle –

And now, she’s a hired-gun for all your marketing “stuff.”

On today’s episode, Alyson explains how to use your small wins in sales to gain more profit. She will share how the business helps her and her family, how and what she does in the business, and some valuable insights on hiring people.



“Take the incremental wins. Don’t just look for the big ones because the incremental ones will exponentially build on each other.” – Alyson Lex

Some of the topics we discussed include:

  • Adil’s HIT list of copywriters
  • Adil’s 3-month long Process in preparation for writing a sales piece
  • Alyson’s mindset about life and business in copywriting
  • The win-win situation for Alyson and her clients
  • The importance of little wins
  • The most annoying but agreeable argument
  • Competition vs Collaboration
  • WHO and HOW you should be hiring in your business
  • When to accept or turn down a job
  • The expectations behind setting a price in your expertise
  • All the things she does and the way she’s doing it in business
  • Putting a price in your expertise
  • A story of driving the price down from 6 digits to 4 digits
  • What do you pay for when hiring copywriters
  • “Not everybody is the right fit for everyone”
  • The importance of being present in doing what you promised
  • The pipeline technique in writing emails
  • The effect of an email list that not everyone sees
  • What is the open-loop method and how powerful is it?
  • Number one thing she can teach someone in one minute

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