5 Tips To Writing Winning Ads By Bond Halbert

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EVERY Top Copywriter Fails Often But Here Are 5 Ways To Write More Winners…

Bond Halbert is the son of legendary Copywriter, Gary Halbert.

Having been raised in the world of direct response, he is one of the few rare talents on earth who could school many of todays copywriters, including this one :).

Below are 5 tips Bond recently shared in his FB group about how you, as a copywriter could write better ads, and how to avoid the pitfalls after you fail OR how to minimize failing.

1. Do great research.

Knowing how buyers think and behave takes all the guess work out of knowing exactly what to sell, where the best prospects are, exactly what to say to them and exactly when to say it.

There are many ways to do better research but I’ll just offer one. Survey email lists and web traffic.

Read the last half of Ryan Levesque’s book ASK to find out how.

2. Test three openings.

You can run Google Ads to See what headlines get the most clicks.

Our dad could beat almost any direct mail control for a high priced product by changing the beginning of the letter to a dollar bill mailing.

3. Test three offers.

You can make different offers in person or on Facebook to actual prospects and see which makes them ask where they can buy.

I read offers for copy related products to actual copywriters and I know I have a winner when they keep calling me asking when they can get the product.

4. Find ways to cut advertising fees.

Shaving 10% off the cost of capturing leads can make all the difference between a winning and losing campaign.

Nancy Jones was the first to send checks to newspapers with an offer which read something like this… “ I have a campaign which is profitable but only if I can run ads at X price per 1,000 readers. If you ever have extra space please run the enclosed ad and cash my check.”

Nobody wants to give back money so the newspaper managers would often run the ad for much less than their normal rates.

The same type of deal can be made to many companies who can get your ads seen by good prospects.

5. Keep Learning.

The best working writers I know still take advice and test new ideas from other people.

Folks are telling me simple changes made based on the editing advice in The Halbert Copywriting Method Part III have improved results and markets change so stay fresh by keeping an open mind.

Of course there are a lot more ways of accomplishing these five goals but that’s enough to get anyone started in the right direction.

If you want to unearth more gems from the Halberts, checkout the official Facebook group here:

Also look up The Halbert Copywriting Method Part III on Amazon.


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