Having almost 2 decades of experience in business and having worked in over 400+ niches and markets, I’ve had the unique experience of being able to help businesses to millions with my 60 minute sales letter™.


ꞋꞋ I just got off the phone with Adil. In about 15 minutes, he laid out some critical ideas for positioning, sales, and marketing a new business that I’ll be launching.

If you need some help with any copy or marketing advice, don’t waste another minute trying to figure it out on your own – talk to Adil Amarsi.

Marc Hagebusch, Doctor of Chiropractic at Hagebusch Chiropractic

Whether this is verbalizing a sales letter, sales video, funnel, or just the content you need to have in place to bring in your ideal customers, I’m here to help you strategize and execute…

I like to leave you with something you can ACTUALLY use and take to the bank, not just having ideas – which have their place.

What has surprised many of my clients is the speed of what I can actually put these ideas together.

Sometimes in as little as 15 minutes.

To give you an idea, I will probably solve a 4 hour problem in 30 mins.

The way I work is I make sure that you take a 15 min recorded call with me so I can demonstrate this ability.

But as one of my favorite villains would say… “If you’re good at something, never do it for free”…

So the compromise is you buying me something from my Amazon Wishlist in return for that 15 mins.

If you decide that we’re ready to work in-depth (and you’ve already done the 15 minutes with me), here are my packages.


The 60 Minute Sales Letter

This consists of a zoom or Skype call where I would’ve looked into your business BEFORE our call so our 1 hour session is 100% focused on helping you.

Whether it’s strategy, ideas, copywriting, engagement, sales, marketing, or anything that will help you grow your business.

This is the time to ask me ahead of the call so I may serve you.

This call is recorded and sent to you after for your review.

Total: $5,000 (£4,200 – VAT included), paid in full and up front.



For a full day or even a half day, it all begins as an 8 hour day.

The structure is the first hour of our meeting is always getting to know you and your companies heads of departments – specifically sales, marketing, and operations. (It’s ok if it’s just you).

Essentially what we cover in the half and full day is a full spectrum of strategies we can use by the next day to start making your investment back and then some as soon as possible.

These offers are available without me traveling to your office but as of January 2020, I’ll be happy to come visit you.

Note: For travel expenses, I do prefer to fly premium and a 4* hotel or Air Bnb near the city or office.

Total full day: $20,000 (£15,000)+ travel expenses.
Total half day: $13,000 (£10,000) + travel expenses.



This is reserved for clients I want to work with the most and usually offered after doing a 60 minute sales letter.

You’ve got copy to write, and I’ve got speed and quality to deliver.

We will work in-depth together and you have access to me, my mind, and my strategies for the entire time we work together.

Anything I create for you, is custom made just for you.

Total : $10,000 a month where you have access to me for the month on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 12pm GMT – 9pm GMT (4am PST – 1pm PST).

This is a 3 month minimum contract.