Hi, I’m Adil Amarsi.

Entrepreneur, speaker, podcaster, author, and Founder of AdilAmarsi.com

People read, listen, or watch my material to discover how to use my unique brand of Old School Direct Response Marketing coupled with my ability to make the complex stuff simple to increase their sales and revenues, lead flow, and turn their passions into a profitable business.

17.5 Point Checklist for High Converting Copy


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Copywriting comes as natural to me as a fish to water.  It is what I was born to do.

That’s why I’ve created a self-paced online course called Story Selling Blueprint.

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I’ve personally interviewed some of the best experts on earth in their chosen field of business, self development, relationships, and more!

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Adil understands one critically important part of copy that most copywriters don’t — and that causes them to fail to generate results.

Adil understands not only how to write persuasively, but how to structure a persuasive argument, an offer, and a close. This structure is a secret weapon to his higher-converting copy!

Roy Furr


Adil demonstrates one of the sharpest, most curious minds among direct response marketers today.
His proven results, track record and reputation in the industry itself speaks volumes. But what I respect most about Adil is his integrity.

If you’re looking for someone to help improve your marketing who really cares you can’t go wrong with Adil!


Jason Strachan, JWS Communications