Adil understands one critically important part of copy that most copywriters don’t — and that causes them to fail to generate results.

Adil understands not only how to write persuasively, but how to structure a persuasive argument, an offer, and a close. This structure is a secret weapon to his higher-converting copy!

Roy Furr,

Adil demonstrates one of the sharpest, most curious minds among direct response marketers today.
 His proven results, track-record and reputation in the industry itself speaks volumes. But what I respect most about Adil is his integrity. If you’re looking for someone to help improve your marketing who really cares you can’t go wrong with Adil!

Jason Strachan, 
JWS Communications

There are few copywriters that I would recommend at the same level that I do Adil Amarsi. Adil is a multi-faceted copywriter with the skills of a world-class marketer, and sales professional.
Adil’s business strategy is uncanny and he has got a talent for finding opportunities where most people fail to look.
His grasp of the written word is exceptional. He will certainly persuade your prospects to take the action on your products and services.
Adil will certainly improve your conversions in an exponential way.

AJ Mihrzad –

Adil is a true wizard when it comes to building out sales funnels.
Even after talking to him for just five minutes, I realized his little finger knows more about marketing and copywriting than I will ever know. His knowledge and passion is truly astounding.

He improved my squeeze page and showed me ways of implementing my funnel in ways I never even considered. If you ever get the chance to pick his brain I would highly recommend you take notes because what he says is pure gold.


Joel Mark Harris

The first time I worked with Adil, he wrote our most viral blog post of all time. On his first try.

That’s because unlike most copywriters, Adil doesn’t write copy. Adil lives copy.

From his fiery passion for life to his thirst for new experiences to his effortless instinct for empathic
salesmanship… everything you need in a high-converting copywriter & marketer is here, garnished
with a beard that demands fear and respect.

Omar Michael, Copywriter & Marketing Strategist

I met Adil though the world of copywriting and developed a friendship through our mutual membership in NLM.

As I started my online career in copywriting, I am always looking to learn from those who have proven themselves ‘in the trenches’ and didn’t profess to have a 100% success record – as those people are simply lying.

Adil has been a solid individual to learn from and when I was looking for a great copy ‘summation’ I was hunting on the internet to find something I could present them.

Which is when I saw his 17.5 steps document.

Whether you are a seasoned pro, or someone new to the game it demystifies the art of copywriting into actionable and validated steps to work to.

Simply follow as directed, ensure your copy hits all of the points mentioned, and voila You have some exceptional copy

My group loved it, and I continue (with Adil’s blessing) to recommend it as a great resource for anyone looking to master high converting and skilfully put together copy.

Dan Meredith

I highly recommend Adil’s services, very skilled in his field of expertise and a genius, he knows how to dissect your business like a professional concise surgeon, digest and filter what’s needed and then deliver it to the market in ways that capture right action … which is acquiring more buying clients. More money for your business.

Words have power … and he knows how to use them to your advantage.

Lazo Freeman

What I like about Adil is that he just isn’t your typical copywriter who “takes orders” and needs a lot of direction. Rather he’s more
of a marketing partner who works with you to brainstorm and develop marketing strategies and plans then works on the copy to implement it, he does it extremely effectively and with precision.

I give him my highest recommendation.

Brian T. Edmondson

Adil has the rare ability to find a phrase or word that gets under the skin and motivates action. His writing has a hypnotic quality that leads the reader into the pitch without tripping up the prospects anxieties.

His prose voice can adapt to encompass a wide range of personalities.

Highly recommended.

Rob Judge

Date Hotter Girls

Thanks for the Copy, Adil. Your knack to knock out sales letters that actually do what I want them to in the time you do them in is unbelievable.

Glad to work with you and you’re definitely becoming my “Go-to-guy” for sales copy.

Thanks again!

Matt Garrett

I was looking for a mentor, and I came to the right person!

“Certain things never change, and when it comes to learning I can only think of one thing that will skyrocket learning, that’s being taught by a mentor. Adil is that kind of a person, and I am lucky and thrilled to have him as my

Adil is that kind of a person, and I am lucky and thrilled to have him as my business mentor and friend. I was struggling online until I met Adil.

He’s quite special. He really wants to help enthusiastic people, and he is generously pouring out information from his enormous knowledge and experience as a marketer.

He moves fast, determined and with a smile. His attitude is authentic. No playing around, he’s the real deal.

He’s shown me his own marketing systems and, he encourages me and makes me believe in myself. The attitude toward life he has pushes me to stay focused and never give up.

Aminur Rahman

It was great talking to Adil (the awesome) this morning. In just a few minutes on the phone, while he was walking and doing something else he nailed a headline and suggested two or three great options that I will be using to promote my new service – it’s worth thousands!

Thank you, Adil.

David White

I had the pleasure of meeting Adil in 2011, and have worked with him on a number of projects since.

Adil has the type of personality where he always wants to help others, and this is reflected in his copywriting.

If he takes on a project, he’s not interested in writing copy just to get paid. He wants to write copy so that the client gets the best possible service imaginable, and he wants to make damn sure that it converts as well as it possibly can.

He always goes the extra mile to ensure that his clients are completely happy, even if it costs him time and money in the process… and that’s a rare thing these days. If you want a talented and trustworthy copywriter, who’s got YOUR interests at heart, then you couldn’t pick a better guy.

Nick Cobb