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Podcast: Charlotte Robertine

By Nov 15, 2019 No Comments

Being a serial entrepreneur means you wear too many hats all at once. Nowadays, this challenge has been less of a hurdle with the emergence of virtual assistants. Our guest for today actually runs a small business, which is a freelance personal assistant company ready to save entrepreneurs from burnout. Owner of Austin Assistant company, Charlotte Robertine doesn’t like working for other people, but she definitely knows how liberating it is if someone can save you from stress for all tasks you have to accomplish.

On today’s episode, Charlotte reveals the value of hiring personal assistants to entrepreneurs and why it is a good investment. Not really a fan of working for other people, she also uncovers tips in dealing with high-functioning autism and anxiety. And lastly, find out how an entrepreneur should RELAX and take a break.


“People who are interested in stuff tend to be more interesting people.” – Charlotte Robertine

Some of the topics we discussed include:

  • The story behind Charlotte’s exotic dancing and marijuana business
  • Why Adil and Charlotte dislike working for other people
  • What high-functioning AUTISM is
  • How to deal with anxiety attacks
  • What drove Charlotte to start running Austin Assistant
  • How to help people stuck in the cycle of ruminating on something unhealthy for them
  • Why it’s wise to invest on personal or virtual assistants
  • How entrepreneurs should CHILL OUT
  • The true essence of ART
  • Charlotte’s audio book recommendations
  • What taking value away from you mean

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